Submission of Contributions

The ICAMI 2017 calls for participation of researchers, educators, postgraduate students and other professionals. The contributions submitted to ICAMI 2017 may be of the following types:

  • academic research in science or engineering;
  • case studies used in the professional exercise and consultancy;
  • case analyses based on experiences arising in practice and related to decision-making in management

All pre-registered participants are invited to submit

If a contribution has multiple authors, the author who will effectively present the work at the ICAMI 2017 is considered as “presenting author”. If it is a single author work, the author who submit the abstract automatically becomes presenting author.

Each presenting author may submit at most three (3) presentations (oral communications and/or posters).

All participants are invited to submit abstracts of their oral or poster presentations (in English) for the thematic session and mini-symposia of the Conference.


Instructions for abstract submission
(oral communications and posters)

The abstracts of oral communications and posters must be written in English. However, you may choose to deliver your oral presentation in a Spanish-speaking session.

The deadline for abstract submissions is  July 10, 2017.

Please  DO NOT send your abstracts by email.

All abstracts should be submitted electronically using this link  and taking into account the following guidelines:

  • Each contribution should be assigned to only one thematic section or mini-symposium of the Conference.
  • Abstracts should be written in English using LaTeX (2e); please do not use any other version of TeX.
  • Each contribution should have a title.
  • For each (co)author, please provide his/her first and last names, institution, city, country, and e-mail.
  • Please indicate clearly the type of submission:
    • poster presentation only;
    • oral communication only;
    • either oral communication or poster presentation.

NOTE: We try to honor the choice indicated for the type of submission; however, the Coordinators of Thematic Sessions and Mini-symposia are allowed to change the type of submission from “oral communication” to “poster presentation” (or vice versa) if they deem it appropriate.

  • Each abstract should have between 100 and 500 words (maximum one  page).
  • Try to use as few references as possible. Do not use \thebibliograthy environment in your abstract.

All references must be explicitly given within the abstract text using DOI.
… It was proved that the utility function is concave with respect to $x$ (Graf et al 2015, DOI 10.1002/bimj.201300257)…

If the source you have to cite does not have DOI, please provide the full reference.
… It was proved that the utility function is not concave with respect to $y$ (Smith 2000, Properties of utility functions, PhD Thesis, University of Wonderland)…

  • No figures/tables are allowed in the abstract.
  • Please indicate clearly if you wish to opt for an oral presentation in SPANISH (for oral communications only).

The presenting author will receive an email acknowledgement of the submission. Acceptance/rejection of all contributions (oral communications and posters) will be notified before August 15, 2017.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the ICAMI 2017 Proceedings only if at least one of the authors actually attends the conference.


Audiovisual equipment

All conference rooms will have the following audiovisual equipment: a video-beam projector with a laptop, and a flipchart or whiteboard.

Any other equipment required for a particular presentation must be provided by the participants.